9 Free Resources for Addition and Subtraction Fact Fluency

make ten addition strategy

If you teach a primary grade, you know how important it is for your students to master addition and subtraction facts. Fact fluency is a prerequisite for engaging with more complex math concepts in the later grades. We know it’s essential for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students to learn the addition and subtraction facts, but how do we go about making them stick? Gone are the days of pure rote memorization; now, students learn to utilize a variety of strategies for adding and subtracting. We teach them to count on, count back, make 10, decompose numbers, learn doubles and doubles plus one, use the relationship between addition and subtraction, and more! It can be a challenge to find fresh, kid-friendly ways to reinforce these strategies during your daily math block. The following list includes 9 completely FREE resources for teaching addition and subtraction fact fluency in your classroom! This list includes both digital and printable math activities that can be easily incorporated into your regular math instruction.

  1. Fact Fluency – Addition and Subtraction to 20 for Google Slides (TM)

These self-checking facts will help your students practice adding and subtracting within 20 and solving related addition and subtraction facts! You will need a free Google Apps (TM) account and a device to access these activities.

9 addition and subtraction facts within 20 for Google Slides (TM)

2. Fact Family Sorts- Printable Handouts

Two fact family sorts and a sorting mat will give your students practice with recognizing related addition and subtraction facts.

2 fact family sorts for addition and subtraction within 10

3. Adding Doubles- Put ‘Em to Bed- for Google Slides (TM) and PowerPoint (TM)

This distance learning activity is perfect for practicing the doubles facts. It’s available in both Google Slides (TM) and PowerPoint (TM) formats.

13 “adding doubles” problems for Google Slides (TM) or PowerPoint (TM)

4. Adding Doubles- Monster Doubles- for Google Slides (TM) and PowerPoint (TM)

Doubles facts are really important, so here’s another fun activity to help your students remember them! This one is also available in both Google Slides (TM) and PowerPoint (TM) formats.

Add doubles to build a monster! For Google Slides (TM)

5. Taking Numbers Apart- Zoo Break- Printable Math Center

This hands-on center will have your students taking numbers apart using pictures. They’ll love the zoo-themed task cards, and it includes a printable record sheet!

Practice early subtraction concepts by taking numbers apart using pictures.

6. Adding Zero- Good Clues, Bad Clues- Printable Math Center

Younger kiddos can practice adding zero with this detective-themed, hands-on center. It also includes a record sheet!

Practice adding zero with 42 true & false cards.

7. Make Ten Addition Strategy- Printable Handouts

The “make ten” addition strategy can be a tough one for students to grasp. These printable worksheets make the concept explicit and easy-to-understand.

2 printable worksheets for the “make 10” addition strategy

8. Counting Back to Subtract- To the Rescue- Printable Math Center

Save the campers from the volcano by counting back to subtract! This printable center includes 24 subtraction cards to practice counting back by 1, 2, and 3.

Review subtracting by counting back with 24 subtraction cards.

9. Math Mountains Fact Family Activities- Printable Handouts

Review the partners of 5 with these printable cards. Laminate them and have students use dry erase markers for repeated use!

Math mountains for the partners of 5- missing addends and sums

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