Free Teaching Resources for K-2nd Grade

Every month, I share new free teaching resources for K-2nd grade in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Little Owl’s Teacher Treats. I’m passionate about helping teachers find work-life balance by creating engaging resources that save precious time and energy! These “First of the Month Freebies” are intended to keep your students motivated and make planning a little easier on you! I’ll update this post with a new freebie on the first of each month. You can also receive updates directly to your inbox by subscribing to my monthly newsletter, or you can follow my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. I hope you enjoy!

Helen Keller Lesson Activities

There are many reasons to include a Helen Keller lesson in your social studies plans this school year. Helen Keller is the perfect role model to discuss during Women’s History Month, with any unit about communication, on January 4th for World Braille Day- really, anytime you want to inspire your students!

Ketanji Brown Jackson Biography for Kids

This Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson biography for kids will help you teach your young students about an inspiring, ground-breaking woman. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Black woman to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court. This social studies resource includes a 1- page biography reading passage, 1-page reading response questions, vocabulary words, 1-page vocabulary handout,Continue reading “Ketanji Brown Jackson Biography for Kids”

Classroom Elf Activities for December

There are many things I miss about teaching first grade, and celebrating the holidays ranks high on the list. I particularly enjoyed the classroom elf activities we did every December. We always had a visitor from the North Pole and celebrated with lots of literacy and math activities! I’ve gathered a list of elf-themed teachingContinue reading “Classroom Elf Activities for December”

November 2021 Newsletter

Happy November! Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Jana York, author of U is for Understanding: Claire’s Journey Toward Mindfulness. We had a great conversation about mindfulness and its role in our personal and professional lives. Jana embraced mindfulness years ago because it allows her to fully experience the present. “I claim it as myContinue reading “November 2021 Newsletter”

U is for Understanding Mindfulness Book Giveaway

I’m excited to announce that I’m giving away a free copy of U is for Understanding: Claire’s Journey Toward Mindfulness by Jana York! U is for Understanding tells the story of Claire, an energetic second grader with a short attention span. Her teacher, Ms. Sage, introduces Claire’s class to the world of mindfulness one week atContinue reading “U is for Understanding Mindfulness Book Giveaway”

Mindfulness in the Classroom

As I sit down to write this post about mindfulness in the classroom, a notification pops up on my phone, the dryer buzzes, my baby lets out a cry in her sleep, and I realize I’m a little hungry. I consider going upstairs to grab a snack, but instead I remember the advice I receivedContinue reading “Mindfulness in the Classroom”

October 2021 Newsletter

Happy October! I’ll admit it- I’m one of those people who loves fall. It was always my favorite time of year in the classroom, too. By the time October rolls around, you’ve gotten to know your students, established your routines, and you’re gearing up for the holidays. My teammates and I used to celebrate theContinue reading “October 2021 Newsletter”

Pumpkin Day Activities and Free Resources

I’ll admit it- I’m one of those people who loves fall. I just got home from Trader Joe’s, and it was like a pumpkin spice bomb exploded in that place… and I couldn’t have been happier. Now I’m writing this between bites of apple cider donuts dipped in pumpkin spice coffee. Heavenly! Late fall wasContinue reading “Pumpkin Day Activities and Free Resources”