$1 Math Center Spotlight: Save the Babies

Help the superheroes rescue the babies! Save the Babies is a distance learning activity that will help your students practice two subtraction strategies: thinking addition to subtract & counting back 1, 2, 3. Use this center to supplement any standards- based, 1st grade math curriculum! Compatible with Google Slides (™) and PowerPoint (™). 

First Grade Common Core Math Standard: 1.OA.A.1 Use addition and subtraction within 20

Directions: Students will practice subtraction strategies by moving the baby to the matching superhero on each slide.

This digital math center includes:

  • Access to 2 activities with 13 problems each- in Google Slides (TM) and PowerPoint (TM) formats

How to use this in your classroom:

  1. Assign as a distance learning activity!
  2. Engage your students during math centers!
  3. Prep your sub plans with ease- called away to a meeting? Unexpected sick day? Your students will love playing this math game individually or teacher vs. student on a document camera!
  4. Fill extra time at the end of a lesson with a meaningful, standards- based activity!

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