9 Free Back-to-School Activities for K-2nd

You’ve come to the right place for free back-to-school activities! If you’re a kindergarten, first grade, or second grade teacher, you know your time and money are invaluable! Here are 9 free back-to-school activities to save time and start strong this school year.

  1. Classroom Management Lesson
Free classroom management lesson

Do your kindergarten, first grade, or second grade students blurt everything they think? This free behavior activity will help kids learn the difference between minor thoughts (“brain thoughts”) and more substantial ideas (“mouth thoughts”). If you teach a primary grade, you know that kids LOVE to share. While it’s important to foster discussion and open communication within a classroom, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to let every child share every passing idea!

2. Who Am I? Class Book

Free back to school icebreaker

Welcome students back to school with this easy, low prep writing activity! Your kindergarten, first grade, or second grade students will love creating a class book called “Who Am I?” You can use this “all about me” activity as a fun icebreaker to help your students get to know each other! Make the first day or first week of school extra fun by creating a class book and reading it together!

3. Back- to- School Fact Fluency for Google Slides (TM)

Free back to school math review

Practice kindergarten and first grade fact fluency standards with these FREE engaging, no prep, summer math centers! These June, July, and August- themed digital math activities will help your students practice skills such as 1) adding & subtracting within 20, 2) identifying addition and subtraction relationships, 3) adding within 5, and more!.

4. Back to School Bucket Lists

Free back to school bucket list

Are you looking for a fun icebreaker to welcome your students back to school? This free bucket list activity will motivate your class to set goals and make plans for the new school year! There are lists for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. There’s also a generic “back to school” list that can be used for any grade. Each list is available with lines or without lines to allow for differentiation.

5. b/d Reversal Posters

free b d reversal posters

Do your students struggle with b/d reversals? Use the posters included in this file as a reference for your students! Teach them that for the letter “b,” we write the “bat” first, and then the “ball.” For “d,” we make the “drum” first, and then the “drumstick.” Your students will love checking these posters as they work on mastering these tricky letters!

6. Short Vowel Word Sorts

Free short vowel sorts

This collection of FREE short vowel word family sorts will compliment your spelling, word study, or phonics program! They make a perfect independent activity as you assess individual students at the beginning of a new school year!

7. Pre-Primer Sight Words for Google Slides (TM)

free pre primer sight words for google slides

This engaging presentation teaches the word “funny” explicitly with a variety of visual and kinesthetic activities! It’s a fun way to get your students thinking and moving during morning warm-up or ELA.

8. Adding Zero- Math Center

Free adding zero math activity

Reinforce addition concepts in your first grade classroom with this hands- on, Common Core- aligned math activityGood Clues, Bad Clues will help your students practice adding zero. It’s a great way to introduce math game routines early in the year.

9. Number of the Day

Free number of the day worksheets

Help your students improve their number sense with this daily Number of the Day routine! Students will count the number of days they have been in school while learning to represent numbers in a variety of ways. Get started on day 1 and your students will have excellent number sense by the end of the year!

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